Butlerama VI Event

all things pokemon

Saturday, March 12th, 2022

starting at 1 p.m., EST

on Whatnot "PokemonButler"

Mark the date! This is the sixth event of its kind!

  • Stream starts at 1 p.m. EST on  Whatnot
  • If you are looking to participate in the auctions, all cards will have a starting price of $1 on the Whatnot App. Use our referral link to get $10 in credit https://www.whatnot.com/invite/pokemonbutler
  • Make sure to follow all of our social media accounts for a chance to get one of our Giveaways!

What to expect, you ask? As usual, in short, a LOT!

Yes, we have spent a lot of time looking for and sourcing more exciting cards, a lot of cards, all kinds of Pokemon cards, and we’ll make them available to the participants, all or most made available below market price! As before, there will be a lot, and I mean a lot, of Japanese original vintage cards!  Yes, First Edition cards that were released in Japan in 1996!  And yes, this is 25 years ago! (I know, this is before some of you guys were even born.) A very large and varied collection of such cards, right here in the US! And you’ll be able to acquire them! 

There will be cards for all levels of collectors and investors.

Near mint condition to heavily played condition. 

  • Holos and non-Holos
  • All different sets 
  • Sets that have never been printed in English: Vending Series, Gym alternative art, even some infamous so-called “Banned Cards”
  • Special stamp promo cards
  • Special theme deck stamp cards
  • No-rarety symbol cards and MORE, much more…

A stream full of excitement!

Claims, auctions, giveaways, and more! 

But most of all, the possibility to acquire such cards at an interesting price.

Check us out and follow us on Instagram (pokemon_butler) for the latest news, more details, and ways to gain additional entries into the many upcoming giveaways as well as ways to get involved as a sponsor.

See you at the event, on Whatnot!  March 12th, starting at 1 p.m., EST!

Japanese Team Rocket Dark Blastoise #009 Holo

Pokémon LEGEND Cards

These are a variant of legendary Pokémon. They first appeared in the HeartGold & SoulSilver expansion as one of two replacement variants for Pokémon LV.X. Pokémon LEGEND are one or two Pokémon consisting of two different cards: the first is the top half of the card and the second is the bottom half of the card. Pokémon LEGEND cards always have LEGEND at the end of their names and, as a result, differ from their regular variants.

A limited number of Pokémon LEGEND cards will be on sale during the event!

However, both halves of the card have the same name, so only two copies of a complete Pokémon LEGEND card can be used in a deck. During gameplay, Pokémon LEGEND cannot be played during setup and are exempt from anything that affects Basic Pokémon or Evolution cards, though anything that affects Unevolved Pokémon will affect Pokémon LEGEND. Both halves of the card must be played to the Bench at the same time, and count as one card while in play. Outside of play, each half is treated as a separate card.

In terms of the design of a complete card, the illustration takes up three-quarters of the entire space, with the card text positioned around it on the bottom half of the second card, broken into pieces as if the text was being pushed aside by the illustration. The entire card is also holographic. All Pokémon LEGEND are either fully illustrated or cooperatively illustrated by special effects wizard Shinji Higuchi, and are the only cards to display the illustrator’s name(s) in both English and Japanese.