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Please read the following and contact us if you have any questions.

  • How to  FAQ explains how to participate to our claims and auction sales on Twitch and others.
  • Shipping  FAQ describes the way we ship your cards and purchased items.
  • Grading Standards and Card Condition  FAQ describes the various conditions and grades of the cards mentioned in our listings.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you do not find here the answer to your questions. 

!! IMPORTANT INFO about the claims and the auction sales ONLY CLAIM OR BID if you are willing and able to pay for the item! This is NOT a game and you are bidding and claiming items that are meant for purchase. If you decide to participate in the claim or auction, you are agreeing to purchase and pay for those items if you win.

The card or item being sold as a claim will be presented and displayed. 

One of the moderators (with the icon    in front of their name) will start the claim sale with the following command: !claimsale # 

This message will appear: The claim sale has started for lot #2! The claim for this lot ends in 1 minute. Join by using the command ‘!claim‘. Winners are selected at random.”

As explained in the message displayed, if you are interested in claiming a card, you will have 60 seconds to type in the claim command “!claim”  Winners are selected randomly. Do not put in the command multiple times as only 1 of your claims will be counted. 

Once the 60 seconds have passed, the claim bot (Pokemon Botler) will randomly select the winners.

The card or item being sold as an auction sale will be put on display.’

One of the moderators (with the icon    in front of their name) will start the auction sale with the following command: !auction #

This message will appear:  “The auction for lot # has started with a starting bid of $xx. Please bid using the ‘!bid [amount]’ command. If no one bids within 1 minute, the auction will end.

As explained in the message, if you are interested in bidding on a lot, type in the command “!bid [bid amount]”. DO NOT include the “$” sign as it will not be recognized by the bot. Always bid in full $ dollar increments (no $12.25 or $78.65 bids)

The starting bid will be announced at the start of the bidding and if there is a reserve, it will also be mentioned. 

See the next section for the detail concerning shipping, both domestic (US) and international.

At the end of the LIVE sales, all of your claims and winning auctions will be tallied and uploaded here https://pokemonbutler.com/personal-claim/ 

The listings will have your Twitch handle so only buy what YOU have won and not someone else’s.

If you are interested to have us sell your cards, items, collectibles at the next event, please get in touch with us at julien@pokemonbutler.com 

!! Please read this first !!

We try our best to keep things convenient, affordable, and fast for our customers. Yes, we know you’re impatient to get the cards you have just acquired, but unfortunately, shipping implies some logistics, preparation and follow-up, and we need to properly pack your items to make sure you receive everything in the fastest and best possible way. And yes, this does take a little time and organization. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

Unless you request immediate shipping (see below), we ship all items as follows:

Any purchases, claims, etc., finalized by a Wednesday will be shipped before the end of the same week. In other words, any orders made and paid for from a Thursday morning until the following Wednesday evening (EST), is shipped by the end of that same week.

Note that if you placed multiple orders, on our website or claims on Twitch or else, you need to let us know, either in a note with the order or by contacting us if you want these orders to be shipped together. This will enable you to save on the shipping fee, in case you have orders of less than the minimum requirements. 

Just let us know, purchase a “Send my stuff now” coupon and we’ll ship your stuff ASAP (that usually means within the next business day). Oh, that coupon’s cost is US$5.00. 

Domestic shipping (US) is free for orders of at least US$25.00. We charge a flat fee of US$4.00 for orders of less than that amount. Note that if you have placed several orders during this one week period, to be shipped together, if their total value reaches US$25.00 then your shipment will be free — Do not forget that in such a case, you MUST let us know about your multiple orders as we may miss them otherwise.

International shipping (rest of the world) is a flat fee of US$14.00.

For your security, all our shipments, both domestic and international are done with a tracking number and insured in the case of high value items.

Shipping times can vary depending on a variety of factors — note that all this is outside of our control!

Generally, it takes 2-5 days within the United States, and 1-3 weeks internationally. We ship packages weekly.

Every package is sent with a tracking number that will be emailed or communicated via DM to you.

While it’s actually quite rare, some countries may require the payment of customs duties or local taxes such as VAT or others upon delivery of the shipment. The recipient of the packages is responsible for paying these, in case.  

!! Please read this first !!

In addition to the “Graded Cards” in our collection, for which the actual condition of the card is made clear by its “official” grade, we also estimate the cards we sell to the best of our ability.

Here’s an explanation of our “Grading Standards” and “Card Condition” guide.  

Exhibits some (or no) minor wear that is invisible to the naked eye. Some (or no) micro scratches on front and back, at most 1 or 2 minor nicks on edges. There is no “clouding” on the holo surface.

Exhibits minor to some visible wear to the naked eye.  Some to multiple micro scratches, visible “silver” scratches on the holo surface, minor compression, minor indentations. There may be some minor “clouding” on the holo surface, there may be minor silvering on the edges. Card was likely handled without sleeves for a short period of time

Exhibits visible wear(s), multiple visible scratches, likely “clouding” on holo , moderate “Binder Dings” damage from ring binders. Bigger indentations, Minor corner bends, “silver showing from corners & edges from wear and tear, minor creasing, and some dirt. Card was likely handled without sleeves for extended period of time

Exhibits heavy dirt, heavy crease(s), major bend(s), major edgewear(s), major large slash(es).

The card was unsleeved inside someone’s pocket for a month.

They are on the better OR worse end of their respective condition.

Consider LP+ in between a NM & LP.

Upon request, we provide detailed picture(s) for most cards over US$50.
Please do not request photos for low-value listings.
Minor factory imperfection(s) are likely not considered as wear and tear.