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Where is my claim?

Thank you very much for participating in our Twitch Live Stream or Discord Deal of The Day (DOTD). We hope you had a good time. If you claimed any items or won any auction sales, now is the time to settle the claim and pay for your acquisition(s), and this is the place to do it.

Note that all claims should be settled within 72 hours (yes, that’s three days) at the latest! If you do anticipate any delay, just let us know. Please, be considerate with the other community members who may have like to be able to get the same item(s). 

The process is pretty straightforward. Simply enter your Twitch Handle or Discord name in the box below and as soon as something appears, press the Go button on the right. A new page will open with your claim(s) and you’ll be able to add the claim(s) to the cart and settle it or them. Once this is done, the items will be shipped to you on our next scheduled shipment date.

Find your Claim(s)

In case of problems...

If you do not see anything after entering your handle, check that you are entering your TWITCH / DISCORD HANDLE and that there is no mistake in the spelling.

Contact us ASAP if you still do not see anything.