Sponsoring the Butlerama Event

Want to get your name seen during the event? Become a sponsor!

What does it mean to be a sponsor?

First of all, it will enable you to get particular exposure to new additional Pokémon enthusiasts. Thanks to your sponsorship, your own followers will get access to below-market prices on exclusive Japanese vintage cards. 

Contact us for the details – see below. 

We’re opening the upcoming Butlerama Vintage Sales Event to a few sponsors. 

Sponsor Levels

    • Bronze
      • Your name / social media platform will be displayed on the top of the screen during the claims you sponsor
      • Special mention on our website 
    • Silver
      • All of Bronze sponsor benefits +
      • Audio / vocal  shoutout during the auction you sponsor
      • Special mention post on Instagram
      • Third pick on remaining lots
  • Gold 
    • All of Silver sponsor benefits + 
    • Second pick on remaining lots
    • Story mention on Instagram
    • Name and logo mention on event page
  • Platinum
    • All of Gold sponsor benefits + 
    • First pick on all lots
    • Links to social media account on our website
    • Special customized thank you package
    • Half page mention on event page

Need a card for a gift? Want to complete your collection? Or to turn a profit? We have connections all around the world to find what you are looking for.

Pokemon Butler is an international company that can provide the highest level of service through and through. We are at your service for “All things Pokemon”

We’re opening the upcoming Butlerama Vintage Sales Event to a few sponsors. 


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$ 25
  • 15 Sponsors
  • 3 claims - 0 Auction
  • Special mention on our website


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$ 65
  • 8 Sponsors
  • 7 claims - 1 Auction
  • A shoutout during the auction lot


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$ 125
  • 5 Sponsors
  • 12 claims - 3 Auctions
  • Instagram Post


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$ 275
  • 2 Sponsors
  • 20 Claims - 5 Auctions
  • Personalized goodie bag